Thanks to the magic of rewearing clothing, when Geek and …

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Thanks to the magic of rewearing clothing, when Geek and I take those extended vacations, we can cram everything for both of us into one suitcase. One outfit per day, plus two changes in case of bad luck, plus swimsuit, plus just-in-case slacks, plus an extra pair of shoes for each of us, in addition to toiletries and such. On the other hand, we take two laptops, two tablets, and two pillows in addition to that, so we don’t really pack “light.”

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WEAR or DIE? | Cut-out dress edition
I think I’d hafta go with A on this one. I’m not willing to risk legal trouble if my boobs decided to take a stroll through the boob panel of B.

Fashion Confessions: Capsule Wardrobes are Over-Rated
I tend not to pack light or capsule style. Mine’s more “pack up an out fit for each day and make sure the outfits can be interchangeable.” Forme, than means a sweater or tee and cami for each day, and every sweater or tee goes with almost every cami. I throw in a few favorite pieces of jewelry as accessories.

Five fashion things you don’t need to worry about
You don’t hafta follow that fashion trend of the moment. Even if it is the hot thing, I’ll never be caught dead in a mullet hem, exposed zipper, or any number of things.

Style S.O.S: What to Wear for Graduation
I graduated in December, on a record cold day, during an ice storm. (The running joke was that hell really had frozen over.) I wore a black pencil skirt, white button up, and my trademark waist scarf with some low black heels. As we had to line up in the loading dock and then sit in what is usually the basketball court, we froze. Even the guys in full suits were shivering, and I was cussing myself for not wearing a blazer under my robes.

Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer
My hardest working items are my lacy camisoles. It’s rare a day goes by without me having one under whatever shirt it is I’m wearing.

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