How many outfits do you pack for a one week vacation?

How many outfits do you pack for a one-week holiday?

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The Fashion Police don’t believe inĀ travellingĀ  light. Well, there are just too many amazing outfits in the world to want to leave them all at home, isn’t there? And don’t even get us started on the shoes…

Even we, chronic-over-packers that we are, however, think we’d possibly struggle to get through 28 outfits in the course of a week. That, according to our old friends at the Daily Mail, is what the “average woman” (Who, by the way, we’d LOVE to meet one day, wouldn’t you?) takes with her for a one-week vacation. It works out at four outfit changes per day. Which initially sounded like rather a lot to us, but then we started to work it out, and, well:

  • One outfit for the beach, i.e. swimsuit/bikini and coverup
  • One outfit for lunch, shopping, etc.
  • One outfit for going out in the evening
We’re already up to 21 outfits, and that’s not taking into consideration the days we go sightseeing, or the outfits we wear to travel in. Mind you, it’s ALSO not taking into consideration the fact that we’d probably re-wear at least some of those (The horror! People wearing outfits more than once! What is the world coming to?), which would reduce that total significantly, and indicate that we’re probably not the “average” woman as far as holiday packing is concerned.
What about you, though? How many outfits would you take for a one-week vacation? And how many would you actually wear, which can be an entirely different thing?

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