Style On Trial

polka dot and stripe jeans

Style Trial: River Island polka dot and stripe ankle grazer jeans

The Fashion Police love polka dots. We also love stripes. We’re not even averse to the odd bit of pattern-mixing, provided it’s done right. Are these River Island jeans the right way to mix patterns, though? With one spotty leg and one stripey one, they’re either the best of both worlds, or twice as ugly as they need to be, depending on your opinion. What IS your opinion on these? Are they innocent or guilty of committing crimes of fashion? [Click here to buy them]

Miu Miu Western boots

Style Trial: Miu Miu printed fabric Western boots. With elephants.

Elephants. And… 70s wallpaper. You’ll never see one without thinking of the other now, will you? These fabric boots are by Miu Miu, who like their footwear to veer abruptly from the sublime to the ridiculous, with absolutely no middle ground. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a pair of Miu Miu shoes we didn’t either love or hate. They just don’t seem to do do “meh”, which we guess is a good thing. No one likes “meh” after all. Which are these, though? Are they sublime, or are they ridiculous? Are they innocent, or are they guilty of the charge of committing crimes of fashion? Jurors, it’s up to you to decide… [Miu MIu Western printed boots, £795: click here…

Olympia Le Tan Wiagra box bag

Style Trial: Olympia Le Tan ‘Wiagra’ Pill Box Clutch Bag

As we’ve mentioned many a time, The Fashion Police are big fans of Olympia Le Tan’s ‘Book’ clutches, which allow the nerdy, bookish types amongst us to walk around looking like we’re carrying one of the classics, when actually, it’s just a clutch bag. Genius. This ‘Wiagra’ box bag, though? We’re not so sure. Designed to look like a box of viagra tablets, these ones come from Olympia’s “Love Pharmacy” and promise to “give your man  a massive hard on”. We’re glad she spelt that out for us. On a handbag. What do you think: a quirky, funny accessory which you just can’t wait to carry around (it would be particularly appropriate for that first meeting with your boyfriend’s parents,…

pointed toes on shoes

Style Trial: Pointed toes on shoes

(Clockwise, from left: Boutique9, Elizabeth and James, Guess, Gianvito Rossi, Dune) Shoes with pointy toes: they were acceptable in the 80s. And in the 90s. And for a good part of the “naughties” too. (Nope, still can’t write that without cringing…) And, for some people at least, it would seem that they’re acceptable right now, in the summer of 2012, too. Yes, the pointed toe is making a comeback, ousting the chunky platform from its position as top dog of the shoe world, and infiltrating shoe stores and closets around the world. The question is: what do we all make of this development? The Case for Pointed Toes: Today’s pointed toes, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know, are just…

Jil Sander Tartan organza and cotton dress

Style Trial: Jil Sander Tartan organza and cotton dress

Net-a-Porter have been promoting this Jil Sander dress fairly heavily this week, which puzzles us a little, because we’re seeing a dinner lady’s apron with some kind of protective fabric over the top. You know, so you can wipe it clean. Are you seeing something else when you look at this dress? Something good? If you are, you better speak up, because otherwise this is going straight to fashion jail. So: innocent or guilty, what’s the verdict?

Viktor & Rolf green tie-neck dress

Style Trial: Viktor & Rolf Green Open Shoulder Neck Tie Dress

As some of you may know, The Fashion Police are big fans of the colour green, and we’re not averse to bows on the neck either. And yet… as soon as we laid eyes on this Viktor & Rolf dress, we just fell about laughing. And we can’t seem to stop. In fact, we’re laughing as we type this now. It’s like she’s dressed as a lettuce for Halloween. And, judging by the slightly stunned expression on her face, this photo seems to capture the exact moment when she realises she’s spent $1,645 to look like this: classic! Do you think there’s a way this dress could work? Or do you agree with us that it’s a Crime of Fashion?…

Pixie Lott floral outfit

Style Trial: Pixie Lott does florals

The Pirates! In an adventure with SCIENTISTS! Ah, for some reason, the name of that movie never fails to raise a smile from us. And so, too, does the sight of Pixie Lot, wearing head to toe – but not belly – florals. This little outfit is by Dolce & Gabbana, and Pixie has cleverly avoided the “little old lady” effect that floral print can so often have by flashing the aforementioned midriff in bra top, pencil skirt and blazer. There’s even a little bit of the fashion blogger’s favourite thing – pattern mixing – in the shape of the polka dots on the sleeves. So daring! What’s the verdict, though? Did she succeed in making floral print palatable to…

Peter Pilotto dress

Style Trial: Peter Pilotto full-skirted dresses

We love big-skirted dresses, really, we do. But this one… kinda looks like a farthingale. And would possibly require two seats on the train. From the side, meanwhile… … you’d possibly have to get used to fielding questions about your due date, and whether you know if you’re having a boy or a girl. Oh, and yes, your hips DO look big in it. Despite all of that, however, we’re just not sure it’s much of a crime. What do you think? Innocent or guilty? [Product Page]

Jeremy Scott denim jacket

Jeremy Scott re-invents the denim jacket

Oh, that Jeremy Scott! We bet you didn’t even know the humble denim jacket needed a makeover, did you? Well, it did. And JS knew it. He’s given this one an off-the-shoulder cut, with a large neck ruffle. The poor jacket will never be the same again. Would you WANT it to, though? Do you think so-called “classics” (We know a lot of people hate jean jackets, but just as many others would consider them something of a wardrobe staple…) should just be left alone, or is this one a welcome breath of fresh air? Does THIS influence your decision at all? How about the fact that it’s $426? Innocent or guilty, Fashion Jurors: what say you?  [Click here for…

Opening Ceremony raffia dress

Style Trial: Opening Ceremony raffia striped overall dress

There are two words in the product description of this dress which instantly set The Fashion Police’s alarm bells ringing. Those words: “Raffia” and “Overall” Now, we’ve discussed overalls a lot recently, so you already know about our deep distrust of any item of clothing which is really intended to be worn during hard, manual labour, and is now being marketed as “fashion”. This model doesn’t look like she just finished a hard shift at the garage, though, so while we hate the overall elements of this dress – probably enough to have called it in for questioning even without the raffia accomplice, actually – let’s move on to the raffia. Raffia. It’s not something you really expect to find…

Jessica Chastain

Style Trial: Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen

Jessica Chastain is another fan of the low-cut look, as evidenced by this Alexander McQueen dress, worn to the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture “Vanities” 20th Anniversary Party this week, The neckline is actually of less concern to us here than that slightly odd frill effect right under the bust, which has the effect of making her waist look like it starts just under her arms. Or does it? What do you think of this look, readers: innocent or guilty?

Jessie J in a red seethrough dress at the 2012 Brit Awards

Style Trial: Jessie J at the 2012 Brit Awards

We deliberately left Jessie J out of our Brits 2012 Gallery, because we figured this dress deserved its own post. Mostly because she’s gone for that “Look, I’m naked-but-for-my-knickers, but you can’t say anything about it, because I have a thin layer of sheer fabric draped over me: HA!” This kind of naked-not-naked look is becoming quite common on the red carpet these days, and while there are those of you who believe that awards ceremonies should be exempted from the normal “rules” of dressing, and than on the red carpet , ANYTHING goes, there are also those of you who feel there’s nothing stylish about the “Lookit me, all nekkid!” thing. Ultimately, these kind of dresses seem designed to be a…

Jennifer Aniston at the LA premiere of Wanderlust

Style Trial: Jennifer Aniston at the L.A. premiere of Wanderlust

Earlier today we showed you Malin Akerman at the L.A. premiere of Wanderlust: now here’s Malin’s co-star in the movie, Jennifer Aniston, who has surprised us all by wearing something other than her usual red carpet uniform of black dress and barely-there strappy sandals. Like her arch-rival, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to stick to it. We say she “surprised” us: she didn’t really. This isn’t exactly a radical departure from The Formula, and she’s stayed pretty safe with the shoes. What do you think of this peplum-style dress on Jennifer? Better, worse, or more-or-less the same? [Images:]

Malin Akerman atthe LA premiere of Wanderlust

Style Trial: Malin Akerman in red and pink at the L.A. premiere of Wanderlust

If you’re wearing red these days, it’s almost compulsory to wear pink with it. Gone are the days when these two colours would rarely be seen side-by-side for fear of “OMGCLASHING!” Now, of course, colour-clashing is de rigueur, so if we were a “proper” fashion blog, we’d probably be gushing right now about how Malin Akerman here is “bang on trend” and “fashion forward!” and all that rubbish. We’re not, though, so instead we’re going to ask: should she be arrested for this? What’s with the puffy, after-thought sleeves?  Is it a crime of fashion, or is it the best outfit you’ve seen all day? It’s up to you to decide, Fashion Jurors… [Images:]

Aqua shoulder pad body suit

Style Trial: Aqua ‘Plato’ Shoulder Padded Bodysuit

This model is totally pretending to be a superhero, isn’t she? And let’s be honest: YOU’D pretend to be a superhero too, if you had a padded (body)suit like this, wouldn’t you? It would be hard to resist. You could be Fashion Criminal Girl. Or FashionistaWoman, maybe, depending on your point of view. What IS your point of view, though? Is this bodysuit almost comically absurd, or is it the cutting edge of fashion, and totally wearable with the right outfit/attitude? Cast your votes now: Guilty or Innocent?

wide leg silver pants

Style Trial: 10 Crosby by Derek Lam shiny wide leg trousers

Well, the Foot Snatcher certainly did a number on this poor model, didn’t he? One minute she had feet, the next minute just acres of shiny fabric billowing around the floor. It’s possible that the Snatcher had accomplices on this particular mission, however: we know that many of our readers are more than happy to aid and abet the Snatcher in his work, so putting feet aside for the moment (which is actually what the Foot Snatcher himself does, isn’t it? And what these trousers do. Fancy that!), what say you to these 10 Crosby by Derek Lam trousers, Fashion Police jurors? We thought they’d be impossible to wear without looking like a space-age hippy, but then… Hmmm. Now we’re…

Katy Perry in a pink dress and gigantic hat

Katy Perry has a really big head, we mean hat

What with all the fuss surrounding the Grammy Awards, and the BAFTAs, and the Elle Style Awards, and New York Fashion Week and all those other things that make February the official Month From Hell™ here at Fashion Police HQ, Katy Perry thought she’d managed to fly under The Fashion Police’s radar with this outfit, worn to the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year Gala Honoring Paul McCartney last week. Not so, Katy P: The Fashion Police see all, and you’re not getting off that easily. That said, the hat is really the only aspect of this outfit that may require policing. The dress itself is gorgeous and delicate, and even the hat is something of a work of art: we’re getting a bit of…

Christina Hendricks in purple at the Elle Style Awards

Style Trial: Christina Hendricks in purple at the Elle Style Awards

It’s the Elle Style Awards, everyone! That means that everyone will be super-stylish, yes? Well, that’s not necessarily a given, as The Fashion Police know only too well. But today we’re going to take a look at a few of the contenders, starting off with Christina Hendricks, who wore a  vintage Carolina Herrera dress with green suede shoes. Any conversation about Christina inevitably seems to end up as a discussion about her breasts, which must make her want to drop-kick people, because honestly, look at that face! Too beautiful to be ignored, no? Christina tends to take one of two options when dressing The Girls: she either covers them up completely (“Who, me, busty? Why, I don’t know what you’re talking…

Zara asymmetric skirts

Style on Trial: Asymmetric skirts at Zara

Asymmetry in fashion has been around for as long as… well, for as long as symmetry has, basically. For the past year or so, however, we’ve been seeing a whole lot more of it than usual, and the epicentre of the asymmetric universe can be found at Zara, where it’s currently difficult to find a skirt that DOESN’T have one side longer than the other. What do you think of these wonky-hemmed wonders, Fashion Police jurors? Zara have created a whole collection of them for you, as you can see from the gallery below, and if you like the asymmetric look, you’ll have plenty to choose for. Some of the skirts have the longer section at the front, for instance,…

Keira Knightley in a long brown dress at the premiere of A Dangerous Mind

Style Trial: Keira Knightley at the premiere of A Dangerous Mind

Some might argue that a long brown/mauve dress is far too dowdy for the red carpet (or shiny floor, in this case), and has the power to make even Keira Knightley look a bit like a monk. Others, however, might argue that NO dress is THAT powerful, and that Keira couldn’t possibly look bad if she tried. (Which, honestly, we think she sometimes does…) Then, of course, there’s the issue of that very non-monk-like split, which Keira is using to YET AGAIN show us her chest. Just ONCE we’d like to see her wear something that doesn’t flash her breastbone. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Which side are you on? Is Keira guilty or innocent? [Images:]