Style On Trial

J crew denim mini skirt

Denim Skirts: Crime or Classic?

Last week we addressed the thorny issue of double denim, and whether or not its wearing constitutes a crime of fashion. (Verdict: the jury was divided in the comments section, but our Facebook officers delivered a resounding “GUILTY” verdict.) This week, we turn our attention to another denim-related matter: denim skirts: Denim skirts: Zara Denim skirts are making a comeback this season, and we’d imagine those words will get one of two possible reactions from most of you: either… a) How can denim skirts be making a “comeback”? They’ve never gone anywhere! or b) How can denim skirts be “back” in fashion, when they were never actually IN fashion to start with? Yes, officers, this is one of those items…

comic print earrings

Trends on Trial: Comic print clothes

Comic books: one the sole preserve of nerds (By which we mean REAL nerds, not people who CALL themselves “nerds” because they think  it makes them cooler than they actually are…), now the very height of fashion: Well, OK, maybe “the height of fashion is a bit of an exaggeration. This isn’t exactly a high-fashion look by anyone’s standards, but our officers have noticed an increase in the number of comic-print clothes available from mass market retailers recently. The items shown in the gallery below are all available to buy now, and they cover everything from jewellery and other accessories to trousers, dresses and even underwear. Oh, and it doesn’t matter who your favourite comic book hero is, either – Superman,…

Style Trial: 60s-style platform shoes

This summer, as you can’t fail to have noticed, 60s style has been making a comeback. This is great news for lovers of that particular era – or just its style – because it means the stores have been full of mod-style shift dresses, graphic prints, and other items which evoke the spirit of the swinging 60s, but in a contemporary way which won’t leave you feeling like you’re in costume. The stores are also, however, starting to fill up with a range of 60s-inspired platform shoes, like these ones: All shoes: Red or Dead On the plus side, these styles are very different from many of the other shoes that are currently in fashion. Footwear trends tend to move…

double denim

DYDDD: Do You Do Double Denim?

Officers, it’s time to re-open the double denim debate: Both outfits: ZARA In the past, we’ve always dismissed double denim as an automatic crime of fashion. After a couple of failed attempts at becoming “trendy”, however, this year the Texas Tuxedo (or Canadian Tuxedo, depending where you come from) has actually started to gain a foothold on the world of fashion, and is starting to be seen here, there and, well, everywhere, basically. The two looks above were styled by the people at Zara (Well, we say “styled”: it’s actually not that hard to throw on a pair of jeans and a denim shirt, but hey…), but they’re far from the only brand currently pushing double denim as the casual…

matchy matchy look

Style Trial: The Matchy-Matchy Look

Do you pride yourself on perfectly coordinated outfits, or do you think the “matchy matchy” look is a crime of a fashion? The Fashion Police pose the question: Can you be too matchy matchy? Matching your shoes to your bag, your bag to your dress, your dress to your lipstick, your lipstick to your nails… Go back a couple of decades or so, and no one would have batted an eyelid (coated in matching eye shadow, naturally) at any of this. In fact, not so long ago, being coordinated was seen as a GOOD thing: it was what stylish people did, and you’d no more clash the colours of your clothing than you’d go out in a pair of shoes…

pyjama suit

Style Trial: The Pyjama Suit

Jacket and trousers, both available at Zara [buy them] Do not adjust your sets, officers: this isn’t yet another one of those cases where someone goes straight from bed to street without passing a closet, or putting on some clothes first: no, it’s a pyjama suit. As in, a suit that’s designed to look almost exactly like pyjamas. Yes. Now, if this actually WAS a pair of pyjamas, it would be a rather nice one we think. As a SUIT, however, it looks… just like pyjamas. And that makes it almost impossible for us to look at it and think anything other than, “Hey, that person’s out in public in their pjs! WHY?” It’s a good question, and it’s one that…

Style Trial: Flower garlands

If personal style blogs are to be believed, a lot of women spent a large part of last summer prancing around the woods with giant flower garlands on their heads. The trouble with this, of course, is that personal style blogs possibly AREN’T a great indication of what people who AREN’T bloggers are actually wearing. We saw dozens of photos of bloggers apparently wearing this look in day-to-day life, for instance, but we’ve yet to see someone standing in line at the post office, or wandering around the supermarket looking like an extra from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This begs the question: are people actually wearing flower garlands? IS there a way to make this look work outside of a…

Trend Trial: Dungarees

DUNGAREES: the word alone is enough to strike fear into a Fashion Police’ officer’s beating heart. We’ve made no secret of our dislike of the bib overall – or “dungas” as Vogue likes to call them. To us, they’re a really easy way to look like an overgrown toddler, or alternatively, like a farm boy, and while we have nothing against either toddlers or farm boys, we’d rather leave that particular look to them, thanks very much. With dungarees – sorry, “dungas” – being touted as one of the big fashion trends of the year, however, and the stores we love slowly starting to fill up with denim overalls, we figured it was time to re-visit that opinion, and ask…

fringe shorts

Style Trial: Fringe shorts and jacket

Fringe. It’s one of those “love it or hate it” kinda things. If it’s done right, it can be dramatic and statement-making (what the statement IS, exactly, is for you to decide). But when it’s done wrong… [Jacket |Shorts] …you get an ombre, fringe shorts-suit. Even if you’re one of those people who has the innate ability to look good in pretty much anything, and to pull things like this off, you’re still going to look like fashion threw up all over you. It’s a trend salad, isn’t it? And it’s one that’ll have a good chance of making you look like an Afghan Hound. We’re not even sure why we think that, to honest, because Afghan Hounds aren’t ombre…

cropped tops

Style Trial: Cropped tops

Cropped tops: they let you crop it like it’s hot. Apparently. (Get this one at ASOS) Who loves cropped tops? Judging by the responses we’ve had when we’ve asked this question in the past, the answer to that question would be NO ONE. NO ONE loves cropped tops: or not anyone we’ve met, anyway. Someone out there must absolutely love them, though, because, once again, our officers have noticed a dramatic upswing in crop top sightings: in fact, we’re starting to think we might need some kind of special ops task force in order to deal with it. Cropped tops, of course, are one of those things that come in and out of fashion fairly often: about as often as…

Lea Michele's bright yellow outfit

Style Trial: Lea Michele’s bright yellow look

Canary yellow is one of those colours that people normally describe as a “brave” choice when someone attempts to dress in it. And we all know that “brave” is just another word for “crazy” in fashion-speak. We don’t know about you, but if someone told us we were “brave” for wearing a certain outfit, we’d probably want to run home and change it. Well, we’re not THAT brave, after all. Wearing something this bright definitely isn’t “brave” in the sense that jumping into the ocean to rescue a drowning kitten is “brave”, say, but it certainly takes a bit of confidence. Luckily, confidence isn’t something Lea Michele lacks, so her choice of this yellow skirt and jacket, worn to the…

trompe l'oleil dress

Style Trial: Venera Arapu trompe l’oeil printed silk satin dress

Venera Arapu trompe l’oeil printed silk satin dress, £292 The more we look at this, the more it messes with our minds, and makes us wonder if it’s kinda cool or kinda creepy. It’s like a designer version of one of those novelty “bikini body” aprons people sometimes wear in the kitchen, to “hilarious” effect, isn’t it? It’s also like looking at a model with four arms. Which is… interesting. This dress is on the flimsy side as it is. Add in the “come hither” pose of the model (the one ON the dress, not the one IN the dress), and we have to wonder how you’d feel about wearing this. It’s definitely going to be an attention-getter, that’s for…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Style Trial: Kim Kardashian’s NYE outfit

The news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first baby together (What’s the bet the baby’s name will also start with the letter K?) doesn’t seem to have had any impact on Kim’s fashion sense so far. It’s too soon for any sign of a bump  of course, but we’ll be interested to see how she deals with the challenges of maternity wear, not to mention how soon we can expect to see a Kardashian maternity line hit the stores. In the meantime, Kim’s still making the most of her incredible figure, wearing this revealing mesh number to ring in the New Year. Is it a crime of fashion, though? It’s up to you to decide…  

Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

Style Trial: Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

Princess Leia is probably best remembered for the “double-bun” hairdo she rocks for most of the 1st (of the original) Star Wars movie, but we actually preferred her hairdo in the final scene of the movie. You know, where she’s handing out medals to Luke and Han, and she has her hair in this giant pleat right on top of her head? That’s what we thought of when we saw these photos of Amanda Seyfried at the New York premiere of Les Miserables. Now it’s all we can think of. We’ll let you discuss Amanda’s actual outfit amongst yourselves then: we’ll just sit here and Google Princess Leia pictures… [Images:]

Anne Hathaway at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

Style Trial: Anne Hathaway at the New York premiere of Les Miserables

Well, this really wasn’t what we were expecting when we opened a case file marked “Anne Hathaway at the New York premiere of Les Miserables”. Seriously, most of the officers who commented on Anne’s “part bedsheet/part shower curtain” outfit from last week thought it was bad enough, and yet here’s one which is Binbag Batwoman from the back, and gothic gladiator from the front. Actually, those gladiator sandals/boots/whatever they are, are the real reason this outfit surprised us so much. We really thought we’d managed to successfully wipe out those things last time they surfaced, just a few years ago. Is a new gladiator crime wave about to begin? [More Anne Hathaway photos here]

denim dresses

Style Trial: River Island denim cut out stud sleeveless shirt dress

Denim dresses are one of those items which can divide opinion. We know some women who love them, and describe them as wardrobe staples which can never go out of style, but then again, we know OTHER women who think they’re the tackiest thing since Britney’s Vegas wedding, and who wouldn’t be seen dead in one. Indeed, there are those who take the stance that denim should really only ever be used on jeans, which rules out, not just denim dresses, but also denim skirts and jackets. Hardcore! Speaking of Britney: this River Island denim stud dress looks to us a lot like something she might wear, and for that reason alone, we think it’s probably going to be a…

Kristen Stewart at the 4th Annual Governors Awards

Style Trial: Kristen Stewart at the 4th Annual Governors Awards

Yes, we’re still on Kristen Stewart watch. Don’t ask us why, but for some reason we’re fascinated by K-Stew and her red carpet adventures, which sometimes go very, very wrong, while other times she gets it more-or-less right. Which is it this time? Kristen is wearing a  Talbot Runhof floor-length dress, which is considerably more restrained than some of her recent outfits – in fact, she could probably walk into the Downton Abbey drawing room in this, without causing too much of a scandal. Does that make it too matronly, do you think, or is just nice to see her in a dress we can’t see her shapewear through for a change? [Images:]

Jeffrey Campbell 'Zoom' invisible wedge boots

Style Trial: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Zoom’ invisible wedge boots

We’ve got to hand it to Jeffrey Campbell: these are definitely clever. They’re not QUITE as clever as we initially thought they were, when our monitor resolution was turned too high, and we spent far too long staring at the image and trying to work out if there actually WAS a wedge in there, or if JC had discovered how to defy gravity (There is a perspex wedge: it’s just difficult to see it, which is, of course, the whole point..) but still: clever. And interesting. And that’s why we’re putting them up on Style Trial, rather than simply sending them straight to jail, without passing ‘Go’, as we do with so many of Campbell’s creations. The decision is yours,…

Lindsay Lohan "Liz & Dick" Los Angeles Premiere -

Style Trial: Lindsay Lohan at the ‘Liz and Dick’ L.A. premiere

It’s far from the first time Lindsay Lohan has gone up on trial, so we figured she wouldn’t mind a quick Style Trial here at The Fashion Police. In fact, it might even make for a refreshing change, who knows? With the obvious jokes out of the way, we’re going to risk ridicule by going ahead and admitting we think Li-Lo looks pretty darn good here. We’re thrilled (Well, as thrilled as you can be when you’re talking about something that has no actual relevance to your life at all, obviously…) to see her hair back to its natural red: or close to its natural red, anyway – it’s been so long since we saw Lindsay’s real colour we’ve forgotten…

Charlotte Olympia Dolly feathered pumps

Style Trial: Charlotte Olympia Dolly Rainbow-Feathered Pump

We love parrots, and we love shoes. But what about shoes that look like parrots? Well, first of all we can tell you that no ACTUAL parrots died to make these shoes. The uppers are goose feather (er, we can’t really speak for the geese, unfortunately…) dyed in a rainbow of different colours to create this very bright, very, er, different kind of look. We think it would be impossible to wear them without looking like you had your feet inside a couple of dead birds (Sorry for the graphic image, but it’s true…), but then again, we still think of bras as underwear, not outerwear, so we’re very out of touch with these things. What do you think, jurors:…