Crimes of Fashion

Where would you wear… Topshop’s hoody all-in-one?


We’re trying to understand the current presence of items of clothing that look like this on some of our favourite retailer’s websites recently, we really are. We wouldn’t quite describe the situation as having reached epidemic propertions – yet – but The Fashion Police have moved into a slightly higher state of alert recently, having discovered an increasing number of items which make us scratch our heads and ask ourselves, “Now, where on earth would you actually wear that?”

Topshop’s hoody all-in-one is one of those items. Aside from the obvious issue of the dropped-crotch, we just can’t imagine a single scenario in which we’d actually want to wear an item like this. So we need you to enlighten us, readers. Where would you wear this (if, indeed, you’d wear it at all). Lounging around at home? (But wouldn’t the fact that you’d need to get comletely undressed to visit the bathroom out you off?) To bed (but then, why would you need a hood in bed?) Out and about in public? Where?

Tell us. Please. Help us understand this item of clothing, and perhaps save it from a stint in the Fashion Police jail.

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