Honey, I Shrunk the Fashion Models…


oversized white shirt

oversized grey sweater

shirt / sweater

So, the over-sized look is “in”, we guess. And, just in case the giant orange dress from our last post wasn’t enough of a clue about that, ASOS helpfully bring us the type of shirt and sweater that make the model look like’s she’s been the victim of some kind of hilarious “shrinking” experiment, but hasn’t had time to shop for clothes in her new size yet.

We present these more as a ‘Style Trial’ or a simple trend alert than as a fashion crime as such – although we certainly think there are ample opportunities for this particular look to stray into fashion criminal territory. In the shots above, for instance, the items in question aren’t so much “overisized” in a cute-n-comfy kinda way, as they’re oversized in a “they were actually designed for adults, but they’re being worn by children” kinda way. Or a “they got reeeeeaallllly stretched out in the wash, but I’m wearing them anyway,” kinda way.

That makes the effect more comical than casual for us, but we think many of you will disagree, and it’s true that there ARE ways to make this look work. Done right, it should create the same kind of effortless, “I just threw on my boyfriend’s sweater because it was the first thing I could find: I can’t help it if I automatically look amazing in everything!” kind off effect that you’ll also get with a good pair of boyfriend jeans (Note: we said a GOOD pair of boyfriend jeans. Unfortunately, a REALLY good pair of boyfriend jeans is hard to find, and all too often, THEY stray into fashion criminal territory, too). It’s all part of that “I totally don’t care about my appearance, I was just born beautiful” effect that’s so very on trend at the moment, but which so few people can pull off.

Done wrong, however: well, you end up with a ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Fashion Models’ scenario.

What do you think of this look? 


  • November 24, 2014


    The grey one in particular is perfect for going to the basement washing machines when everything else is dirty. Dress the white one up with ballet flats and some jewelry and it might not look so much like a patient let off the ward for some sunshine.

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  • November 25, 2014


    Much is in the way they are being worn: So unaccessorized, just with sneakers. You don’t look fully dressed this way and if the shape is also difficult – oh, my! The white one is like a nightshirt – when you sleep in a not-so-well-maintained place, say, a sleeping car in eastern Europe, and you get up at night and slip into your shoes bare-footed because the loo is just too dirty to go barefoot. The grey one, were it shorter, *could* work as a sort of sweater dress – but this length is especially strange and looks accidental.

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  • November 27, 2014

    nora gouma

    This is a cute one the over-zised look. I love it. Remind me when I was small wore my mom’s shirt.


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