Holiday Shoes. We’ve seen it all now…


Christmas is a busy time here at Fashion Police HQ, as we bravely attempt to fight back an ever-rising tide of Christmas-themed tat, all being mass-produced in the name of "fashion". Witness, for instance, the J. Renee holiday shoe, the demon spawn of our old friends, the holiday sweaters. When considering whether or not to buy something, here’s a good question to ask yourself:

"Would a toddler wear these?"

If the answer is yes, you’re probably looking at a crime of (adult) fashion. Under this criteria, we can clearly see that Crocs, for instance, are in clear controversion of The Rule. And so are these, which is why we’re throwing them in Fashion Jail for the rest of the Christmas season. Hopefully it’ll give them time to think carefully about what they’ve done.

[via The Budget Fashionista

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