Holey Clothes! Cheap Monday By Ann Sofie Back Cut Out Sweat Dress

"I went to Cheap Monday and all I got was this lousy dress!"

The word “dress” is kinda pushing it when it comes to this item, isn’t it? And, actually, so is the word “clothes”, now we come to think of it, because this looks less like a covering for the body and more like a giant net that Cheap Monday have cunningly talked this model into wearing, in order to try to persuade us all that we want t spend £45 on it. She doesn’t look happy, does she? We don’t blame her, either: she was lucky she was able to work out which holes were for her head and arms! Some people would be less lucky: they’d end up stuck there for hours, frantically trying to disentangle themseves from the cunning web Cheap Monday have woven. Maybe that was the plan all along?

Like the “dress”? Buy it at ASOS.com

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  • June 9, 2010


    Maybe if I was going as a Spider Queen for Halloween. And could stomach spending that much on what amounts to a torn rag.

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