H&M reveal Autumn/Winter 07 collection


I know most of you probably don’t want to even think about winter right now (God knows, I certainly don’t), but H&M have just released some pics of their new collection and it’s … well, it’s interesting to say the least. So, this is what you’ll be wearing this winter, folks: coats so voluminous you could house a small family under them and… wait, are those jogging pants? Thick, super-baggy jogging pants with – oh my Lord! – cuffs on the bottom? The hell? I dunno: I haven’t seen these clothes in the flesh, so for now I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. There are some more pics after the jump – be sure and tell me what you think!


Skinny jeans – good. Polka dots – good. The brown, 70s-inspired outfit? Ummm….


Plaid leggings. Plaid. Leggings.

To be fair to H&M, I don’t think these pictures are really doing the clothes much justice. In some of them, them model appears to be wearing ALL the clothes at the same time, and she’s also adopting that strange, stooped positions that some models favour, which doesn’t give you much of a chance to really examine the clothes. Maybe these would work better as individual pieces, who knows? (Note: not the baggy jogging pant things. Never them.) Whaddya think? 

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