GALLERY: H&M Conscious Collection Partywear

H&M Conscious Collection partywear

Instead of our usual Dress of the Day column, today we thought we’d bring you a whole lot of dresses of the day. Plus some trousers, shoes, bags and accessories of the day, too. These are all part of the new H&M Conscious Collection, and we have to say, we’re pretty darn impressed. Sure, there are a few pieces of coal amongst the diamonds, but we think the good stuff more than makes up for the bad, and for the first time in a long time, we’re really excited about a new high street collection. Imagine that!

As you probably know, the H&M Conscious Collection is H&M’s attempt to rid themselves of their “fast fashion” image (to some extent, anyway), and make inroads into the world of sustainable fashion, using recycled materials, and organic cotton. We didn’t have any doubt that it was possible to create glamorous, stylish clothes in a way that has less impact on the environment, but even if we did, this collection would have laid any such doubts to rest, because this collection is pure glamour, with a decadent feel that can sometimes be missing from this kind of line.

Our favourite items are the green tulle dress (£149.99) above, and the pink tulip dress (£69.99) below, and while the prices may be higher than we’re used to paying for H&M, we’re hoping the quality will go some way towards justifying that.

H&M pink tulip dress

As for the items we DIDN’T like: well, you’ll never persuade us that dungarees are a good idea for anything, but particularly not as evening wear, and there’s a little too much emphasis on our old enemy, the high-low hem. There’s a lot to love, too, though, so take a look at the gallery below, and tell us what you think: the collection will is available in selected stores, and on the H&M website, from April 4th.

GALLERY: H&M Conscious Collection Partywear

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