Throwback Thursday: High Tide Heels

If you use Instagram at all, you’re probably familiar with Throwback Thursday: the internet meme in which people post old photos, so they can look back and remember how cute/embarrassing they once were.

Well, here at The Fashion Police we have an entire archive full of old photos of fashion crimes which many of you may not have seen, so we thought it might be fun to take part in Throwback Thursday by re-visiting some of the Fashion Crimes of the past. Like this one, for instance:

high tide heels

This isn’t technically a crime of fashion, because these aren’t technically shoes. So, to answer the obvious questions:

1. No, they’re not real.

2. No, you can’t buy them.

These ‘High Tide Heels’, as they’re called, were created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat as part of an art exhibition. We posted about them back in 2007, but to this day we still regularly get questions from people asking where they can buy them. Which is kinda mind-boggling to be honest, because seriously: you actually want to wear these? WHERE?

We’re not sure whether Schietakat was trying to make the point that no matter how ridiculous an item of clothing is, there will always be someone willing to wear it, but the point was made, anyway. We’ve encountered plenty of people who would happily wear stiletto-heeled flippers, and because of that, we have to admit, we kinda wish they WERE real, if only so we could be treated to the sight of people stumbling along the beach in them.

After all, it would only be SLIGHTLY more ridiculous than some of the other clothes people wear, wouldn’t it?

[High Tide Heels: our original post]


  • May 30, 2013


    Just be grateful no one told Crocs there is a market for high heel rubber shoes…

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    • May 31, 2013


      High-heeled Crocs are sooo waiting to happen… What about these:
      and these:

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