High Street Shopping Pick of the Day: Miss Selfridge tapestry print skatet skirt

Miss Selfridge tapesty print skatet skirt

Miss Selfridge tapestry print skatet skirt, £35

For today’s High Street Shopping Pick, we don’t just bring you something pretty to look at: we also bring you a whole new word to learn, for this, you see, is not a “skater skirt”, but a “skatet” skirt. We’re going to assume that refers to an ickle tiny wee version of a skater skirt, but it could also simply be a typo on the Miss Selfridge website. We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that we rather like this. Tapestry print can look a little old fashioned on the wrong item, but the short hem and lantern shape keeps this modern, and it’ll look good with opaque tights now, or with bare legs when the weather finally starts to warm up again. What we’d really like though? To see this on a model, so we can work out exactly what kind of length we’re talking about here. We’ve possibly been spoiled by the likes of ASOS and Shopbop, who not only show the item on a model but also tell you the model’s height: it’s not foolproof, but it can really help when you’re trying to work out whether to order something or not.

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