High Street Shopping Pick: Green velvet high-waisted trousers from River Island

Green velvet high-waisted trousers from River Island

Is it just us, or is anyone else well and truly over the low-rise waistband?

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not asking you all to do a Simon Cowell and start walking around with your waistbands somewhere around your chest, and we firmly believe the words “high-waisted” and “tapered leg” should never, ever appear in the same product description. Ever. This isn’t the 90s, after all: no one wants you to look like an extra from the cast of Friends.

At the same time, though, we have to say, we’re happy to see some retailers starting to venture back into the world of trousers that hit at the natural waist, as opposed to around the hips or above the belly-button.¬†These green velvet River Island skinnies, for instance, fit into that category. The waist isn’t so high that you’ll feel like Simon Cowell, but it’s not low either, which means you don’t have to worry about builder’s butt or muffin top, both of which are a common issue with our old friend, the low-rise.

We also like the winter-appropriate green velvet, which is cosy and luxurious at the same time. Get them here for £35.

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