Wanted Wednesday: High Street Edition

high street fashion

Happy hump-day, everyone! To celebrate the mid-point of the week, and also just because we felt like it, today we’re bringing you some of the products we love, as opposed to the ones we loathed. Or some of the products we quite liked, at least. You will quite possibly loathe them, and then we’ll have ALSO fulfilled the “fashion crime” part of our remit: everyone’s a winner, baby!

First up, we bring you some high-street finds, which means items from the likes of Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Zara… you know, the things you might actually have a chance of buying, if you like them. (Well, maybe not the Kurt Geiger shoes, to be honest. They’re technically a “high street” brand, but £220 sure ain’t a high street price, really, is it?) And here they are…

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