Hervé Léger’s £7,000 metal pailette-embellished bandage dress sells out at Net-a-Porter


Would you pay £6,810 / $11,379 for this Hervé Léger dress? Someone obviously would, because no sooner had it appeared in Net-a-Porter’s “What’s New” section, it was sold out.  Of course, that could just mean they only ever had one dress in stock, in which case, who wants to place bets on which celebrity bought it? Our money’s on Victoria Beckham.

To be fair, the separate sleeve does give you two outfits for the price of one: or one outfit and a fraction of another one, anyway. Wear the sleeve with jeans for a “edgy” yet casual look! Tie it around your neck and call it a scarf! Switch it to your OTHER arm to mix things up a little! Or… no, actually, that’s it.

As we said, it’s now sold out, but don’t despair – click here to add it to your Wish List and be notified when more stock arrives!

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