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Heroes in a Half Skirt: Miu Miu’s pleated “skirt” puzzles Fashion Police officers

Miu Miu are at it again. They tried to convince us that aprons were skirts once before, and even although we didn’t buy it then, they’ve decided there’s no harm in trying to pull the wool over our eyes again, and are marketing the item you see above as a “skirt”, while charging £455/ $684 for it.

Miu Miu, NO. That’s not a “skirt”. That’s a belt with a couple of bits of material hanging from it. It reminds us of nothing so much as a makeshift dressing room, or those curtained-off cubicles you get in hospital wards. What it DOESN’T remind us off is a SKIRT, and when your clothes don’t even REMIND you of clothes, you know you’re probably in trouble with the Fashion Police.

This is your second warning on this issue, Miu Miu: please, let’s end this madness now! It doesn’t have to be like this!

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