Hermes Apple Holder makes Fashion Police lives complete


We’ll be honest: we kind of thought the Hermes Apple Holder might be an April Fools when we first read about it, on April 1st.  It just seemed so improbable that people would hand over hundreds of dollars (We assume) for something designed to hold a single apple, but then, look at Crocs – it seems totally improbable that people would hand over any money at all to wear those things, and yet people do, so far be it for us to say what is and is not "probable" in the world of fashion.

The apple holder is still there on the Hermes website today, though, and now that we look at it through fresh eyes, we find ourselves wondering how on earth we ever lived without it. How did we transport apples before this little cutie came along? And how will we now get through our lives knowing that it’s out there, but we probably can’t afford it?

The existence of the Hermes Apple Holder also allows us to ask you this question: So, how’d you like them apples?

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