Henrik Vibskov ‘Seal’ all-in-one. Fun, or just plain funny?

Red polka dot seal adult onesieNow, we know from previous posts we’ve done on pyjamas and lounge wear that many of you feel that what a grown adult chooses to wear in the privacy of his or her own home is their business, and therefore exempt from Fashion Police rulings. And we get that, we really do.

With that said, though, we still can’t for the life of us understand why anyone would want to dress like a polka dot seal, even in private. Seriously, comfort is one thing, but being forced to waddle along because your legs are clamped together by your “seal suit” is quite another. And when you’ve paid £319 for the privilege (and that’s the sale price, by the way: it WAS £630)? Well, we suspect some people may just be laughing at you, not with you…

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