Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Henrik Vibskov tried to make amends for drop-crotch crimes, creates stuck-together clothes instead

First, Henrik Vibskov created a harem jumpsuit:

Then Henrik realised the errors of his ways. “Quick!” he thought, “Cover the crotch! Before The Fashion Police see it and decide to make it the Ugly Harem Pant of the Day!” So Henrik DID cover the crotch:

By attaching SLEEVES* to it. And The Fashion Police DID make it the Ugly Harem Pant of the Day. Well, come on: four sleeves on one item of clothing, we couldn’t just ignore it, could we? If you can’t either, it’s £214 here.

*OK, so they’re not actually sleeves, but they do seem to be designed to create the impression of another garment tied around the waist…

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