Celebrity Fashion: Christina Milian, Heidi Klum and Nicky Hilton in leather-look leggings


So, you thought leggings were going away, did you? Oh no, no, no: leggings aren’t going anywhere – they’re just going kinda rubbery and shiny, that’s all. This look has been around for a while now (although that hasn’t stopped these three), and let’s face it, it’s not every figure who can get away with it now,is it? Christina Milian, Heidi Klum and Nicky Hilton can, but while we love this look on Heidi, we firmly believe that when it comes to leggings, crotches should be hidden at all times, so Christina and Nicky get the Fashion Police thumbs down.

What do you think of leather-look leggings?


  • February 5, 2008


    I’ve got these, really love them but agreed, should only be worn a la Heidi!

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  • December 15, 2008


    Hallu…. Love you..

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