Heidi Klum in “butt cleavage” shocker!


This dress was always going to be a risk, even for Heidi Klum, wasn’t it? While she might have been expected to go for the classic (if not exactly "classy") "getting-out-the-car-crotch-shot", though, Heidi dared to be different by flashing some butt cleavage. And sure, it is a great butt, Heidi, but maybe a little bit TMI, do you think?

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  • November 19, 2007


    See, I’m not very stylish when it comes to designer red carpet wear. I like proper dresses, which actually cover everything they’re supposed to and I hate the really glitzy multi-coloured, patterned stuff that’s going on at the moment.
    So even without the bum cleavage and even on the delectable Ms Klum I’d have to give this two thumbs down.

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