Heel Condoms: because your shoes need to stay safe too

Before we go any further here, let us first of all point out that “Heel Condoms” is the actual brand name of this product, not just something we made up for the sheer hell – or heel – of it.

With that out of the way, let us also point out that if you were hoping this post was going to be about something a little bit saucy, for want of a better word, you’re going to be sadly disappointed, because it’s actually about shoes, and these little heel covers you can slide over the back of them to make them look a little different: a “heel condom” if you will.

They’re ready for their close-ups:

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory here: you just slide them over the the heel of your shoe, then slide them back off when you’re bored with them and fancy a change. They cost between $20 – $40 per pair, and they’re available to order here.

What do you think of them, though?

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