It does look suspiciously like tribble pelts. …

Comment on Under Fashion Police Arrest: Heatherette’s fur-covered shoes and boots by SJ.

It does look suspiciously like tribble pelts.

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Style on Trial: Balmain gold toned biker pants
Gold pants make me think of one man only: Michael Jackson.

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
A ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ t-shirt and red plaid flannel pyjama pants.

Granted, it is 7am and I am still in bed. I will be putting on real clothes before I go walk the dog.

Style on Trial: Sweat pants with heels
I feel guilty walking my dog at 5am in my sweatpants. Forget wearing them elsewhere!

First it was sweatpants with Uggs. Now sweatpants with heels.

JUST LEAVE THE SWEATPANTS AT THE GYM. Or in your pyjama drawer.

Style Challenge: What to wear with a sequin blazer
White v-neck t-shirt.
Black pants.
White socks.
Black loafers.
One white sequined glove.

Fashion Trends: Sequins on everything for Autumn/Winter 09
I blame Michael Jackson, but honestly, that man could wear anything and make it look fierce as all hell.
I like things that sparkle. Bring on the sequins!

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