Heart print pieces for Valentine’s Day

heart-print clothes for Valentine;s day

Valentine’s day: whether you love it or hate it, you just can’t avoid it – not even here at TFP, we’re sorry to say.

(Actually, you probably could: you could head out into the wilderness, or travel to some far-distant land, where no one cares about pink hearts and other romantic cliques. We’re willing to be that even there you’d bump into at least one person who’d ask if you got any cards, or what your plans are for the “big day”.

Are you picking up on the fact that we’re not huge fans of Valentine’s Day? That’s good: we were worried we weren’t making it quite clear enough.

Here’s the thing, though – our shameful secret, if you will: we might not be big fans of Valentine’s day itself (or, more truthfully, of the hysteria that generally surrounds it), but we DO have a bit of a soft spot for heart print clothes. And shoes. And accessories. And, oh, what the hell – we’ve even included a heart-shaped dish in this list, because why not? It’ll look good on Instagram. You’ll thank us later.

Now, we don’t normally go in for “themed” dressing, and the only kind of holiday we’re remotely interested in dressing for is the type that involves us lying on the beach for most of the day, and then getting all dressed up for dinner in the evening. But soft pinks and shades of blush, combined with rose gold and maybe a bit of red? That gets our vote, especially at the end of a long, dark winter, when even your hard-hearted Fashion Police are able to be won over by a bit of romance…

pink heart cardigan; heart-front pumps; gold watch; heart print scarf; green shoulder bag; heart pattern sweater; heart flats; heart dish ; heart and arrow earrings

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