Dress of the Day: Haute Hippie sequin stripe dress

Haute_hippie Can’t you just see Serena Van Der Woodsen wearing this dress? We can, and we bet she’d look fantastic in it, too. Us, probably not so much, but then, there’s not much call for the wearing of sequined dresses in the course of our police work, so we guess that’s not something that’s likely to be an issue for us.

If you do have an occasion coming up that just seems to scream out “Sequin-covered dress! Now!” this could be a good choice. Unlike some sequined numbers we could mention, it has a bit of a laid back, rock-chic vibe to it that’s perfect for partying in – whether you choose to wear it with the boots or not is, of course, up to you!

Need this in your life? You’ll need $625 first, we’re afraid, but if you have that, you can buy this at Shopbop.

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