Harem pants were the biggest fashion crime of 2009: official!


At the end of last year, we asked you what, in your opinion, was the biggest fashion crime of 2009. And your answer?

Harem pants!

Yes, harem pants may have filled the stores in 2009 (and are now filling the sales racks, funnily enough), but the dreaded dropped crotch found few fans at here at The Fashion Police: over 1,100 people voted in our poll, with harem pants polling 39.8% of the vote.

The past two year’s winners, Crocs, still aren’t popular with our readers, however: they came second, with 21.8%, while clothing inspired by Lady Gaga was in third place, with 9.1%.

You’ll find the results in full under the jump. Thanks to everyone who voted: may 2010 be a year in which crotches remain in their proper place!

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