Harem Pants: Officially Still Ugly

ugly harem pants by Givenchy

Not that there was ever really any doubt about this, but just in case there was, we’d like to take this opportunity to confirm that yes, harem pants are still ugly. They didn’t get any better looking in the few weeks since we last wrote about them. More worrying still, ignoring them doesn’t seem to make them go away. We really thought it would, you know. We thought it would be one of those “trends” which wouldn’t actually exist outside the pages of the fashion magazines and the runways of a few select designers: that most people with eyes would be able to see that no good could ever come of adding a dropped crotch to a pair of pants, and harem pants would disappear from the world, never to be seen again. Or at least, never to be seen until some “edgy” designer decided to try to convince us all that we really DO want to look like we have completely square crotches.

This week, the label in question is Givenchy, who think it’s entirely plausible that people will want to pay $1725 to look like the unfortunate model featured above, who probably thanked her lucky stars that this job didn’t require her to show her face.

What we really want to know, though, is who is wearing all of these harem pants we keep finding ourselves having to arrest. Seriously, this has been going on for YEARS now, and yet we’ve still to see more than a few brave people actually “rocking” the trend in real life. And trust us, there was no actual “rocking” going on in those cases. And yet, if our research is to be believed, SOMEONE must be giving all of these designers reason to believe that their almost-$2000 harem pants will just fly off the shelves. Look!

sold out harem pantsSold. Out. At that price. And looking like… that.

Who’s doing this? And how do we stop them?

(Click here if you desperately want to join them.)

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