Harem Pant Hell: La Redoute has got to be kidding us…

HarempantsWhen we revealed the results of our Biggest Fashion Crimes of 2007 poll, we got a couple of comments from people who said that they didn’t understand the inclusion of harem pants in the list, because they didn’t think it was even possible to buy these monstrosities any more. All we can say is that these people clearly haven’t been shopping at La Redoute (or, indeed, reading this site before commenting on it, because it’s not like we haven’t highlighted the harem pant crimes every time we’ve stumbled across them), who have persisted in trying to hawk us harem pants for over two years now.

Their latest attempt, reported to us by Officer Anne-Marie, involves these white pants that will make you look like your crotch starts just above your knees. Redoute are selling these for £45, and claim that they are “absolutely on trend!” – well, yes, amongst those who wear nappies I guess.

I think Trendinista said it best, though, in a comment on our post on drop-crotch pants just yesterday. “‘Drop crotch pants'” should be called ‘dropped a load pants'” said Trendinista. Well, exactly


  • November 7, 2008


    Personally I like them =) And one must keep in mind that fashion is inseparable from personal taste, and although harem pants has its haters, it still has quite a number of fans (and probably why it’s popping up in magazines again recently) As for the nappy-look, I assume I am one of the many who would prefer loose fitting clothing as opposed to the legging offences of recent times. I’m talking about those who wear leggings (regardless of their body type) with material that has the texture of stockings, and moulds into every nook and cranny on your bottom half. Personally I’d get rid of those first.

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  • January 9, 2009


    I like the harem pants… I agree with the poster above. Okay. I admit, it’s more like I just really miss LaRedoute!!! I’d give anything to click past the harem pants if only I could buy a nicely tailored, not too expensive wool-blend skirt along with a whole bunch of discounted camisoles, because the US mail order site is just plain gone!
    Sad. Me sad.
    You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.
    Gwen D Fortuna
    San Francisco

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  • February 20, 2009


    Actual harem pants are cute. These are…well, ridiculous. I was looking up images for harem pants, and got stuff like what Princess Jasmine wore in Aladin, and as I’m sure you can recall, they had a crotch that was at the crotch. Then, on a website for belly dancing costumes, it was talking about not having too much material in the front so you don’t get bunching problems. I just don’t understand what anyone was thinking when they made these things with that much fabric there. They (especially the ones in this picture, I think) would be kind of cute if they just adjusted that area. Of course, then they’d be something else, I’m sure.

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