Crimes of eBay Fashion: Nu rave harem pants


Every time we think that we’ve seen it all as far as harem pants go, and that the genre can surely sink no further into fug, something comes along so crotch-droppingly hideous that we just have to arrest it instantly – and tell you about it.

These "nu rave" harem pants are one such item. While we really can’t argue with the seller’s assertion that they’re "super roomy and really comfortable", because we can see that they’re "super roomy" for ourselves (We have rooms at Fashion Police HQ that are smaller than the crotch on those things, seriously…), we would venture to suggest that this fabric would be hellish on pretty much anything it was applied to. To have used it to create such a voluminous pair of harem pants … well, it’s just the ultimate insult, isn’t it? 

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