Harem pant fashion crimes on the rise. Or are they?

Harem_pant Despite the persistence with which retailers keep making harem pants available for sale, as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with walking around with your crotch hovering somewhere above your knees, we have to admit that we’ve yet to see anyone actually wearing the offending garments in real life.

We’re wondering now if this is just some kind of crazy plot by the aforementioned retailers to make us think that harem pants are being snapped up in their thousands, while actually they’re all sitting unsold in some warehouse somewhere. It’s certainly something to think about, anyway.

These harem pants by Urban Outfitters are far from the worst we’ve ever seen, but when UO say, "You’ll probably either love ’em or hate em, but if you just try them on you’ll see why we love these comfy yet versatile trousers," we can’t help but want to know what it is that will suddenly become clear to us when we slip into a pair of pants with a thigh-skimming crotch. Please tell us it’s not going to be the "But they’re SO COMFY!" argument all over again. Please?

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