This one is not bad at all, in my opinion. …

Comment on Tailored harem pant crimes on the rise, Dries Van Noten is latest culprit by Zoe.

This one is not bad at all, in my opinion. Course I might be bound for incarceration in FP jail straight away – but this works MUCH better than many a droopy diaper harem construction. I like it for a fresh take on the whole menswear-for-women thing.
You DO need a model figure to pull it off, but when has that stopped me from liking something before?

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I ahave a soft spot for CdG – and I do like this, conceptually. Not dropping that amount on something I’d only wear sporadically, though.

Ask the Fashion Police: How old is too old?
I don’t have a problem with skinnies, but rompers… eesh. Infantilising. Not to say that it can’t look nice on *some* people, but I do take issue with those who promote/sell/push the style as acceptable and/or desirable.

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Why, I love the shoes.

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Ye-e-es, I don’t do well with “fashion rules”. Too reminiscent of oddly intrusive older ladies who will freely comment on what “ladies” should and shouldn’t wear. I’ll figure it out myself, thanks.

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