Harem Jumpsuit from All Saints, a.k.a “Fashion Police Public Enemy # 1”

Harem_jump_suit This crime of fashion was reported to us by Mousy, whose name regular readers will no doubt recognise from our comments section. “You’re going to love it,” said Mousy. “I can just tell.” And all we can say to that is, “How well you know us…”

We would say more about this one, of course, but to be honest, we’ve been curled up in a ball of hysterical laughter ever since we opened the link, and have only managed to uncurl for long enough to type this brief message. Seriously, we know some of you really like harem pants, and we mean no offense to those who do, but when an item of clothing doesn’t even look like it’s been designed for humans, all we don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

For now, we’re taking this one into Fashion Police custody. Bail is set at £60, and if you want to release it, you can find it here.

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