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Harem Horrors: Dorothy Perkins’ black droopy jumpsuit

Harem_jumpsuit Oh my. What the hell happened here, Dotty P? We’re slowly getting used to the sight of harem pants cropping up (or dropping down, as the case may be) here, there and just about everywhere this season, but this jumpsuit doesn’t just have a (slightly) dropped crotch, it appears to have dropped hips, too.

"WHY?" is our immediate question? Because this appears to come with love-handles and stretch marks already built-in, and that just… well, it doesn’t seem like it would be the most flattering item of clothing you’d ever own, does it? It’s basically a Saggy-Skin Suit, and we can see no sense in that at all.

Are we wrong, readers? Do you think you could make this outfit work? If so, you can buy it for £40 at Dorothy Perkins.

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