Harem Hell: Drop crotch AND VPL

ugly harem pants

It shouldn’t really be possible to create a VPL on such a sad, saggy pair of pants, but gosh darn it, if Not Shy haven’t gone and done it!

(‘Not Shy’ is the name of the brand, by the way. And it’s a good name, because you really wouldn’t want to be shy when you’re showing your underwear to the world, and strongly implying that you’re carrying something in your crotch at the same time, hey?)

We know the main argument usually given in favour of harem pants (Aside from the always-entertaining¬†“SO! EDGY!”, obviously, which is the first line of defence fashion criminals give for basically ANY ugly item of clothing…) is the same one used for Crocs and pyjamas in public: “But they’re SO COMFY!” Honestly, though, we just don’t get this. How is it comfortable to walk around with such a huge wad of fabric dangling between your legs? HOW? And when did VPL become “edgy”?

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