Happy Howlidays: 10 Fashion Gifts For Dog Lovers From ModCloth

Christmas is only a week away but it’s not too late to get that perfect gift for someone special! Odds are someone in your life is an unapologetic dog lover (I mean, what’s there to apologize for?) Fortunately, dog lovers are totally easy to get gifts for! One of our favorite retailers, ModCloth, has endless ways for dog lovers to show their passion for canines through their clothing. Check out ten great fashion gifts for dog lovers from ModCloth:

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1. Pile o’ Pups Dog Sweater, $69

gifts for dog lovers

This sweater is too cute! Not to mention that rich teal color is absolutely gorgeous…

2. Leash It At That Dog Loafer, $65

gifts for dog lovers

These comfy loafers are perfect for anyone who dachshund and shoe lovers alike!

3. Rock and Howl Dog Knee Socks, $12

gifts for dog lovers

Uhm…the dogs on these socks look like little David Bowies? Excuse us while we order 10 pairs.

4. Twist on Simple Cotton Oxford Top in Dogs, $49

gifts for dog lovers

If you’ve always wanted a top covered in dogs that you actually wear to work, this is for you.

5. Fur Our Conversation Sweatshirt, $49

gifts for dog lovers

We all know dog people love talking about their dogs. That makes this sweatshirt the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life!

6. On Your Bark Scottie Gloves, $29

gifts for dog lovers

These adorable gloves are great for anyone who loves dogs and has to brave the colder climates!

7. Just Splashing Through Rain Boot, $69

gifts for dog lovers

Your loved one will definitely be glad you got them these boots on a rainy day!

8. Pug on My Heartstrings Pajamas, $19

gifts for dog lovers

We, like most people, think pugs are the absolute cutest. So you know we’re in love with these pug pajamas!

9. Nourished by Nature Cardigan, $79

gifts for dog lovers

How cute is this cardigan? The colors are beautiful and it’s perfect workwear!

10. Charming Cotton Skirt with Pockets in Pet Portraits, $54

gifts for dog lovers

This gorgeous skirt covered in dog portraits is so unique and sure to be a conversation starter!

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