Happy Holidays from The Fashion Police


Well, folks, we’re starting to wind down for the holidays, and we know many of you are, too, so all that remains is for us to hang up our police hats for the time being and wish you all a very happy holiday, however you’re spending it.

We’ll be back next week with more crimes of fashion, but for now we leave you with these images of the wonderful Lars Holdus in just two of the sweaters from his truly amazing holiday sweater collection: we love it!

The Fashion Police x


  • December 23, 2010


    Let’s start an international movement to send every Christmas sweater in the world to this guy! Better there than out in the world!

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  • December 23, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    At first glance I thought, “No wonder that model looks slightly angry.” The man is clearly a genius!

    Happy Christmas to the Fashion Police 🙂

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  • December 24, 2010


    Happy holidays, officers! Don’t drink and dress! 🙂

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