Handbag of the Week: Valentino ‘Kaleido’ gem-embellished tote bag

valentino-tote-bagWe’ve made this image a little bigger than usual because this is one bag that you really need to see up close to get the full effect: in fact, we’d recommend a trip to Net-a-Porter to use the zoom facility there, although what we’d really like to do is touch this one and find out what hundreds of little gems feel like when they’re stuck to a bag like this.

As for what they look like, well, the evidence is before you. We’ve been seeing gems stuck to shoes for years now, so we guess it’s only fair that handbags should get their turn to be decked out in a similar fashion. This is certainly a dazzling bag to look at – probably literally so if you tried to gaze at it in strong sunlight – and it has a dazzling price, too: it’s $2,995 at Net-a-Porter.

Valentino ‘Kaleido’ gem embellished tote bag, $2,995

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