Love love love that colour! …

Comment on Handbag of the Week: Jil Sander patent belted shopper by Selina.

Love love love that colour!

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Style Trial: 60s-style platform shoes
My mum wore shoes similar to the cream ones to get married in 1971, paired with a mid-thigh flared-sleeve dress!

Daylight Robbery: Ann Demeulemeester feather headdress
Bloody hell, they’re charging HOW MUCH? I reckon you’re onto something Amber, we could throw together a few of these and never have to work another day in our lives!
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Five Fashion Phrases We Hate: feel free to add your own
My English boyfriend finds it enormously irritating that here in New Zealand when advertisers want to make something seem sophisticated they refer to it as ‘European’. So we have ‘European inspired’ and ‘European style’. There you go all you ‘Europeans’ – apparently we aspire to be like you!

Also, I’m hanging my head in shame because I realise I am guilty of ‘rocking’ and ‘edgy’. And although I’ve never said that someone should eat a sandwich I may have said something along those lines, but in my defence it’s normally in reference to someone who has lost a drastic amount of weight and looks unhealthy with it (Courtenay Love I’m talking to YOU!).
.-= Selina´s last blog ..Revlon Pure Confection collection =-.

Nipple tassle t-shirt. For children. Seriously.
I cannot even begin to tell you how angry this makes me. Possibly even worse than the clothing company here in New Zealand who got themselves a whole heap of negative publicity for releasing a kids’ t-shirt with “future porn star” emblazoned on the front. Companies that release products like this are guaranteeing that I’ll never buy ANY of their products.

Dhoti skirt: for the illusion of a dropped crotch
This is not a demure skirt – one would want to keep one’s knees tightly together whilst sitting methinks!

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