No you ain’t got no fashion sense. this bag is …

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no you ain’t got no fashion sense. this bag is so luxurious and so perfect for the spring and summer. It’s art.

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Dress of the Day: Marchesa embroidered silk-organza dress
OH. MY. GOD. This dress is truly a work of art, from the pattern to the design – it’s an amazing dress that I would so definitely buy. Just simply LUV IT!

Star Style Wars: Leighton Meester Vs Blake Lively
To me personally they both look good. I chose Leighton’s look though because it’s something most women could do, all black with black statement shoes. But still Blake’s look is decent cuz she’s working a real popular trend, the jumpsuit, which is easy to get wrong but she manages to get right, but I don’t really like the color. Her shoes are sexy, though

Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Kali’ harem pants: can also be worn as a dress
I think a good portion of the things seen on this website that are deemed “ugly” are truly ugly. But the the harem pants, which I heard about for the first time on this website, was deemed “ugly”, but lately I’ve been seeing them in a few magazines and they are not that bad. This particular one isn’t that awful – it has a really nice print and I prefer the version of it worn as a dress. It could also work with a nice fitted black blazer for an evening look,too.

Sack the Stylist: Monrow vintage sweatpants with flat gladiator sandals
That is an atrocity. This is why people can’t appreciate the gladiator sandal – pairing it with those harem-looking sweatpants? give me a f-ing break!

High leg gladiator sandals: they’re back
Personally I think out of three sandals the black one is the best one. Unlike the silver and the blue, the black one is more practical. I own a pair similiar to the one Mary Kate (or Ashley, I forget which one) Olsen had and I think they’re amazing because worn correctly they can make your legs look hella long. Granted not everyone can wear the sandal but appreciate good sandals when you see it. Yes they are crazy and different but isn’t that what fashion is all about? There are much worse-looking shoes out there and the knee high gladiator sandal is far from it.

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