Handbag of the Day: Prada’s nut deerskin ‘Animalier’ large satchel


I’m having such a love/hate relationship with Prada this year. Like the little girl who had the little curl, when they’ve been good, they’ve been very, very good. But when they’ve been bad… well, when they’ve been bad they’ve been making fringed tote bags that look like hairy mammoths.

This bag was clearly made on one of their good days.  I mean, lookit! It’s just a little piece of perfection, with its soft leather and its wide shoulder strap. If ever there was a bag to covet for lugging around all of those things most of us tend to carry with us on a day to day basis, this bag would be it. Unfortunately, the $2160 price tag says it will never be mine – at least not while I’m living the life of an impoversished writer, which is a shame, really, because for some reason this looks like just the kind of bag a writer would carry. I want.

Buy it: Prada deerskin Animalier satchel

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