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Style on Trial: Yves St Laurent’s patchwork long boots

Yves_st_laurent_bootsFor a while now, The Fashion Police have been picking up murmurings about “the return of boho”. Now, these Yves St Laurent boots would probably fit in pretty well with that whole vibe, but we still haven’t fully recovered from the last onslaught of boho, so we’re not sure if we should allow the “trend” to go any further, or if we should just whisk these off to the Fashion Police jail and hope that’s the last we hear of it.

The thing is, there’s a part of us that quite likes these. They look good quality, they’re different from all the other boring knee high boots out there and… did we mention the quality? On the other hand, though, they look a lot like mutant clogs, too, and when we try to imagine clopping along in them, we’re reminded of the sound Shire horses hooves make when they clop along.

What do you think, readers? To the Fashion Police jail, or do these deserve a reprieve?

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