High Street Halloween Costumes | Betty Draper fancy dress

We don’t know about you, but when it comes to Halloween costumes, we’re just not down with the idea of spending lots of money on something we’re only ever going to wear once. After all, why spend your money on custom made Halloween costumes when you can spend the SAME money on ACTUAL clothes which you can wear for Halloween… but then keep on wearing for other stuff too. In this series, we provide some ideas for Halloween costumes using clothes you can find on the high street, and then keep right on wearing after the party. In other words, these are the Halloween costumes that are really just an excuse to go shopping: as if you need one.

We’re starting off with a really easy one:

Halloween Costumes: Betty Draper fancy dress

Dress: Lindybop | Wig: Amazon | Fake cigarette: Amazon | Necklace: New Look

High Street Halloween Costumes: Betty Draper


If you’re a Mad Men fan, then Betty Draper needs no introduction. Although she’s living in the 60s, Betty’s style aesthetic is firmly rooted in the 50s, making her an easy  – and fun – choice for a fancy dress costume (especially when we’re talking about Halloween-Costumes-That-Aren’t-Really-Costumes). There’s no shortage of 50s-inspired dresses around at the moment, and they’re the kind of shape that never goes out of style. While the dress shown above is just a little too fancy for everyday wear, it IS only £39.99, and could easily work for any future parties or special events you have planned. If you’d rather spend your hard-earned cash on something you’ll get more use out of though, a classic floral prom dress can be worn all summer, and dressed up or down as required. These dresses, for instance, look nothing like “Halloween costumes” (because they’re not), but will make a passable Betty Draper costume when paired with the right accessories:

Betty Draper inspired dresses

Florence & Fred   | Oasis | Voodoo Vixen

Betty Draper Halloween Costumes: other ingredients

As for the rest of your “costume”, the key to becoming Betty Draper is all in the styling. As well as the dress, you’ll need:

  • Perfectly-coiffed blonde hair: if that doesn’t come naturally to you, you’ll find plenty of cheap wigs on eBay and Amazon. Search for phrases like “60s starlet”, “bombshell wig” or “short blonde 60s wig”, and be prepared to do a bit of styling if you can’t find an exact match.
  • An ever-present cigarette: remember, kids, smoking kills, but fake cigarettes are just a couple of pounds online or in joke shops.
  • A string of pearls
  • Your alcoholic beverage of choice 
  • An icy glare (OK, you might want to skip this one if you actually want to socialise at your Halloween party…)

When it comes to Halloween costumes you can wear again, it’s important not to get too hung up on tiny details: remember, you don’t need to recreate an exact look to get the point across, so relax, have fun and let your imagination run wild!

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