5 Halloween Costume Ideas for People Who Hate Dressing Up

Looking for Halloween Costume Ideas? Hate the idea of fancy dress? This one’s for you…

For some people, Halloween is the perfect excuse to get all dressed up in the most creative and outrageous outfit they can come up with. When else do you get to walk the street dressed like an extra from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, after all? Exactly.

For others, however… well, not so much, really. If you’re the shy and retiring type (or even if you’re just plain lazy), the idea of wearing ANY kind of costume can be daunting to say the least. No one wants to be a party pooper, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend the night feeling horribly self-conscious in a “hilarious” costume, which is funny to everyone but you. Some people just hate fancy dress and if that person is you, you probably spend every October desperately dreaming up Halloween costume ideas that will allow you to dress as someone else… but still feel like YOU.

What’s the solution? Well, we’ll tell you: you go for the Halloween-Costume-That-Isn’t-Really-a-Costume. The outfit that’s made up from your own clothes, doesn’t require you to look ridiculous, and instead, is basically an excuse to dress up in the more usual sense of the phrase. In other words, you’ll be fancy, but you won’t be in “fancy dress”. Are you following this?

Some might call this a cop-out, of course, but hey: the point of a party is to have fun, and if you can’t do that while dressed as a scary clown/cartoon animal/whatever, then here are some Halloween costume ideas just for you…

1. The Person From the Past / PinUp Girl

Halloween Costume Ideas | Sailor girl

Like retro fashion? Great! So do we! The little “sailor girl” outfit shown above isn’t a Halloween costume: it’s Bettie Page’s Sailor dress, and it’s a retro fashion classic (You may also remember seeing it on Blair Waldorf in an old Gossip Girl episode…). With a dress like this, you can be a sailor girl, a pin-up girl, or simply a 1940s girl, and you can do it with just a dress (which you may already own, if you’re into this kind of style). Alternatively, if you don’t have something like this, and don’t want to spend any money, retro/vintage fashions can provide Halloween costume ideas a-plenty. Got a circle skirt and a tight sweater? Hey, you’re a 50s starlet! Capri pants and a white shirt? Hello, Audrey Hepburn! Ever bought anything even vaguely ‘Mad Men’ inspired? You’re fresh from the Sterling Cooper typing pool, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Speaking of Mad Men, our second Halloween Costume idea of the day is to go as…

2. A character from a TV show or movie

Anyone ever tell you you look like X celebrity? Does X celebrity have a signature clothing style, or something else that really defines their character/appearance? If so, just pick up on that quirk, whatever it may be, and your Halloween costume is sorted. Who you go as is up to you, and obviously the more creative you can be the better, but if we can give you one tip here, it’s to dress as someone relatively recognisable, or you’ll be spending the entire evening explaining who you’re supposed to be over and over (and over, and over…) again. Trust us when we tell you, that’s one way to guarantee you end up hating fancy dress even more than you do already.

3. A Stepford Wife

Wear your best dress. Do your hair. Bake some cakes, perfect a suitably vacant look, and tell anyone who asks that you’re a Stepford Wife. Then offer them a drink before they can ask any more questions.

hipster glasses

4. A Hipster

Giant glasses (with clear glass in the frames, naturally). Skinny jeans. A band t-shirt – the more obscure, the better. Something vintage or thrifted. Ugly shoes. You’re a hipster, baby! And if you actually ARE a hipster (in real life, we mean), you’re not even “dressed up”: bonus!

5. This t-shirt:

error 404: costume not found shirt

Buy it here

Because it doesn’t get easier/lazier than this, does it?

Got any easy Halloween costume ideas for us?

Do you hate Halloween? Does the idea of fancy dress make you break out in a cold sweat? Have you found the solution to dressing up without ACTUALLY dressing up? Share your Halloween costume ideas here, so we can all be party poopers together…


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