Fashion Police Halloween Costume Ideas 2011: The Fashion Blogger

Halloween costumes 2011: The Fashion Blogger

Are you sick of reading the phrase “It’s almost Halloween!” yet? We are. It’s too bad, though, because we’re going to subject you to it a few more times this week, as we share with you some Halloween Costume ideas which will allow you to express your love of fashion – or your fear of it, if you prefer. After all, what could be scarier than some of the fashion trends we’ve showcased here over the years? We rest our case.

We’re kicking off with our personal favourite: The Fashion Blogger. It’s our favourite because, as fashion bloggers ourselves, let’s just say we didn’t have to look too far for our inspiration here… (Also, and for the avoidance of any doubt, please note that we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with wearing any of these items – well, except maybe the hipster glasses – just that they’re things we associate with fashion bloggers.)

You will need:

1. Hipster glasses.
You will find these almost anywhere. If all else fails, head to the supermarket, buy a pair of those non-prescription reading glasses, and poke the lenses out. Remember that when it comes to hipster glasses, “The bigger, the better” should be your maxim.

2. A topknot
Take the opposite approach to the hipster glasses: you want the topknot as small and tight as possible for true fashion blogger effect.

 3. Macarons
They’re the new cupcakes, dontchya know?

 4. Fashion blogger clothes
We’ve used a pair of trashed cutoffs to illustrate this part of the outfit, but really anything goes. Things you may want to consider include: colorblocking, layering, “arm parties”, Modcloth dresses – let your imagination run wild here.

5. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’ boots
If you actually ARE a fashion blogger, you’ll already own these. If you’re not, and you don’t want to buy them (and we don’t blame you: it would be like selling your soul to Satan, wouldn’t it?), any pair of super-clunky shoes will do.

6. Boyfriend-with-a-camera
Your BFWAC should photograph you all night. If you can’t find someone willing to do this (and this time we don’t blame THEM), simply set up a tripod and pose in front of it: voila!

7. An iPhone
Live-Tweet the entire party. Because it doesn’t count if it’s not recorded on the internet, you know?

Fashion Blogger Behaviour for Added Authenticity:

Just to make your Fashion Blogger Halloween Costume that little bit more realistic, you may want to adopt the following behaviourisms for the duration of your costume party:

1. Adopt a pigeon-toed stance at all times.

2. Tell anyone who will listen that your outfit is “remixed”.

3. And also “thrifted”.

4. Touch your hair, stare at your feet, or stare wistfully into space. Do this aaaaallll night.

Did we miss anything?

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