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      Spooky Style: 10 Halloween-Themed Clothing Items and Accessories From ModCloth

      With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to grab some spooky fashion items! One of our all-time favorite retailers, ModCloth, has a great new collection of Halloween-themed clothing and accessories. Whether it’s bat or black cats, everything spooky is represented! As if that wasn’t enough, the company is offering 20% off any purchase of a Halloween-themed item. There are many things in the collection, but we’ve compiled just ten of our favorite pieces below. Check them out! Click each photo for more info! 1. Candy Corn Intarsia Sweater, $55 Some of us love candy corn, while some of us totally detest it. Whether you like the sweet treat or not, I’m sure we can all agree that this sweater…

      Five Bad Taste Halloween costumes

      We WERE going to call this post “The Worst Halloween Costumes EVER”, but let’s face it: no matter what we can drum up in a quick Internet search, there’ll be someone out there who can come up with far, far worse. Halloween brings out the best, most creative sides of some people… and the tackiest, most juvenile sides of others. This post focuses on some of the latter costumes, and rather than calling it the worst Halloween costumes EVER, let’s just call it the worst we’ve found SO FAR. For instance, how would you like to walk around dressed as… … a giant, inflatable penis? No? Really? You’re sure we can’t tempt you? OK, how about what the manufacturer charmingly…

      High End Halloween | Spooky Style from fashion designers

      Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to build up our archive of fancy dress ideas for people on a budget. Say you didn’t HAVE a budget, though. Say money was absolutely no object when it came to finding a Halloween costume, and you could buy whatever you wanted. Say you were a fashion victim, for instance. What would you buy? Well, luckily fashion designers have come to our rescue YET AGAIN (where would we be without them?), and so, with our tongues inserted firmly in our cheeks, we proudly present some fancy dress ideas from high-end fashion designers. (And yes, we DO realise the designers in question aren’t marketing these as “Halloween Costumes”, they’re just hopping on…

      High Street Halloween Costumes | Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress

      Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw is one of the best-known fashion icons of recent years, and a Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress costume is an easy way for fashion fans to dress up, using clothes they either already own, or can easily find on the high street or internet. Here’s how… Carrie Bradshaw fancy dress ideas Carrie Bradshaw wore lots of memorable outfits in the course of Sex and the City, but perhaps the most iconic is the white tutu she wears in the opening sequence, in which tulle-clad Carrie is splashed by bus bearing an advert for her own newspaper column. As luck would have it, this is a super-easy costume to recreate, and while it’ll be that bit…

      High Street Halloween Costumes | Flapper Girl Costume

      Our High Street Halloween series focuses on helping you create Halloween costumes using clothes you can buy on the high street – and which you’ll have a much better chance of wearing again than you would with a store-bought costume. Today’s post is about that costume party classic, the Flapper Girl costume. Flapper wig | headband |dress | cigarette holder | necklace How to find  a Flapper Girl Costume on the High Street Ah, the flapper girl costume! It’s an all-time favourite for women who want to look glamorous rather than scary, and it’s a really easy costume to put together, too. Of course, you’ll find no end of flapper girl costumes in fancy dress stores, but why spend your money on a costume…

      Betty Draper Halloween Costumes

      High Street Halloween Costumes | Betty Draper fancy dress

      We don’t know about you, but when it comes to Halloween costumes, we’re just not down with the idea of spending lots of money on something we’re only ever going to wear once. After all, why spend your money on custom made Halloween costumes when you can spend the SAME money on ACTUAL clothes which you can wear for Halloween… but then keep on wearing for other stuff too. In this series, we provide some ideas for Halloween costumes using clothes you can find on the high street, and then keep right on wearing after the party. In other words, these are the Halloween costumes that are really just an excuse to go shopping: as if you need one. We’re…

      5 Halloween Costume Ideas for People Who Hate Dressing Up

      Looking for Halloween Costume Ideas? Hate the idea of fancy dress? This one’s for you… For some people, Halloween is the perfect excuse to get all dressed up in the most creative and outrageous outfit they can come up with. When else do you get to walk the street dressed like an extra from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, after all? Exactly. For others, however… well, not so much, really. If you’re the shy and retiring type (or even if you’re just plain lazy), the idea of wearing ANY kind of costume can be daunting to say the least. No one wants to be a party pooper, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend the night feeling…

      fancy dress ideas

      Fancy Dress Ideas from The Fashion Police

      Looking for fancy dress ideas? Look no further… Halloween: the only time of year when it’s OK to commit crimes of fashion without fear of being arrested by The Fashion Police. As fun as it is to dress up, though, coming up with creative fancy dress ideas can be harder than you might think: especially if you’re working to a budget, or don’t want to buy a ready-made costume. Luckily, The Fashion Police are here to help: here are some quick and (relatively) easy fancy dress costumes we’ve come up with over the years: Fancy Dress Ideas from The Fashion Police Alice in Wonderland Whether you’re Tim Burton’s stylish Alice, or a rather more traditional version, if you own, or…

      Debra Messing in fancy dress

      Halloween Costume Roundup: Celebrities in Fancy Dress

      Last night, as we’re sure we don’t need to tell you, was the one night in the year when The Fashion Police take a night off from our duties, and it’s permissible – and even expected – to look like a fashion criminal. Here are some celebrity Halloween costumes, from the 17th Annual Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project’s Hulaween Benefit: we’ll try to add some more if we can! [Images: PRPhotos.com]  

      pom pom headband

      Halloween Headwear by Piers Atkinson for From Somewhere

      To be fair, it IS almost Halloween. And ‘Scary Clown’ always makes for a great costume choice, don’t you think? As for what you’d do with your £50 pom pom headband after the costume party, though: well, yoy got us there. Maybe it’s just us, but we honestly can’t think of a single time we’ve gotten dressed in the morning and thought to ourselves, “You know what this outfit needs? Pom poms. Big ones. On the head.” We also can’t think of a single outfit that wouldn’t be rendered instantly more comical with the addition of this headband. Still, it’s good to laugh, isn’t it? And the fact that this particular piece is already low in stock tells us that…

      Crime of Fashion? Halloween-themed clothes after Halloween

      We’re officially ready for Halloween to be over now. What do you mean, Halloween IS over? It can’t be! Not when people are still buying $2,020 witch sweaters from Net-a-Porter, anyway. Or even £28 “scary skeleton” sweaters from Topshop: These two items only appeared on their respective retailers’ websites after Halloween had been and gone, so either the spooky season is being dragged out for longer than usual this year, or witches, skeletons, and other such ghouls are suddenly the very height of fashion. We’re really not sure which is worse: Halloween lasting until Christmas, or people spending $2,000 on a holiday sweater. You tell us, then: is it a crime of fashion to keep on wearing Halloween-themed clothing after…

      Heidi Klum's Halloween 2011

      Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume 2011: The Body

      It’s the morning after Halloween weekend, and there’s only one question on everyone’s lips here at Fashion Police HQ: where’s the coffee?  What did Heidi Klum dress as THIS year? As most of our fashion force know, Heidi throws an extravagant costume party every Halloween, and each year she somehow manages to outdo herself in the costume department. It must be quite stressful, now we come to think of it. Did Heidi manage to outdo herself THIS year, though? Well, here she is arriving: But what’s under the blood-spattered sheet? Kinda wishing we hadn’t asked now… Most bodies wear high platform boots, just FYI. “Haha, top THIS, bitches!”

      ASOS sack dress

      Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume?

      Then look no further than ASOS.com: This dress – for yes, it is a dress, not a Victorian nightgown – will be be the perfect basis for your: * Half-assed ghost (just paint your face white, OK?) * Escapee from a Victorian mental asylum * Burial shroud – ideal for the ever-popular “zombie” costume! Or, of course, you COULD just wear it as it is, and go as a fashion victim, like we suggested last week. Fashion victims are MUCH scarier than ghosts and zombies, after all… because fashion victims are REAL. Stay safe, kids: don’t let the scary dress give you nightmares… Buy it here.

      Nicki Minaj Halloween costume

      Nicki Minaj Halloween costumes set to be most popular of the year

      Forget the witches, ghosts and other ghouls which traditionally parade the streets at Halloween: this year the word on the Fashion Police beat is  that the Nicki Minaj Halloween costume is the one everyone will be wearing. Nicki Minaj providing inspiration for Halloween costumes? Gosh, we wonder why? Store-bought Nicki Minaj Halloween costumes are probably going to be hard to come by this year (Give it time, though: Lady Gaga has her own costume range now, after all…), but let’s face it, the fact that Nicki is ready and willing to wear just about anything will make this one a pretty easy DIY, especially if you have easy access to a semi-decent thrift store. Or if you have a little…

      Fashion Victim Halloween Costume

      Fashion Police Halloween Costume Ideas 2011: The Fashion Victim

      If there’s one thing worse than a Fashion Criminal, it’s a Fashion Victim. Fashion Criminals may dress badly, you see – that’s a given – but at least their style is their own. Fashion Victims on the other hand, have no style. So devoid are they of anything resembling personal taste, that they will blindly follow any trend that’s presented to them, regardless of whether it looks good on them or not. THEY are the people the magazines are targetting when they publish all of those articles on how to wear this season’s “difficult trend” (the rest of us just don’t bother to wear it if it’s that “difficult”). THEY are the ones who constantly use the phrase “bang on…

      Halloween Costume Idea: Fashion Criminal

      Fashion Police Halloween Costume Ideas 2011: The Fashion Criminal

      For the next in our series of Fashion Police inspired Halloween costume ideas, we present… The Fashion Criminal! Now, we COULD give you a list of suggested items to use for this costume… or we could just direct you to our fashion crimes archive. Or to any street, in any city around the world, where you will find endless inspiration from the fashion criminals who pass you by. If you really need some ideas, though, the items which are arrested most often here at TFP include: Drop-crotch pants: well, d’uh! Crocs If you don’t want to wear Crocs: peep toe boots, or almost anything by Jeffrey Campbell will do. Sheer clothing without the appropriate undergarments. Any item of clothing which is attached…

      Halloween costumes 2011: The Fashion Blogger

      Fashion Police Halloween Costume Ideas 2011: The Fashion Blogger

      Are you sick of reading the phrase “It’s almost Halloween!” yet? We are. It’s too bad, though, because we’re going to subject you to it a few more times this week, as we share with you some Halloween Costume ideas which will allow you to express your love of fashion – or your fear of it, if you prefer. After all, what could be scarier than some of the fashion trends we’ve showcased here over the years? We rest our case. We’re kicking off with our personal favourite: The Fashion Blogger. It’s our favourite because, as fashion bloggers ourselves, let’s just say we didn’t have to look too far for our inspiration here… (Also, and for the avoidance of any…

      Male genetalia Halloween costume

      The Worst Halloween Costumes: a gallery

      (Source, Source, Source) So, it’s that time of year again: the time where you spend weeks trying to come up with a great idea for the most creative Halloween costume ever, only to end up picking up some devil’s horns or a witch’s hat at the supermarket on your way to the party. That’s not what these people did, though. No, the people in this gallery went that extra mile to create a Halloween costume that no one would EVER forget. And while The Fashion Police generally exempt costume parties from our usual strict rules of style, we have to warn you that some of the Halloween costumes in this gallery are: a) Not safe for work. b) Possibly offensive….

      Skeleton dress

      Halloween Dress Up from Wildfox and Zoe Karssen

      Well, we guess at least this dress will make an easy Halloween costume for the girl who really doesn’t give a crap about the whole thing, and just wants to make a token gesture towards “ooh, scary” for the obligatory costume party. On the other hand, though, it’s £120. And we can’t really imagine paying that much for a costume. Or, indeed, getting much use out of a £120 skeleton dress at any other time of the year. Maybe one for the more gothic dressers among you? How about this one, though? Ah, the old “hands are on my boobs!” shtick. It makes The Fashion Police cry, you know. Not because it’s tacky, in a trying-to-be-funny kind of way, you understand,…