Half skirt, half pants; half skinny, half flared: make your mind up, Kimberly Ovitz!

The title says it all here, doesn’t it?

These pants really are hedging all their bets. Aiming to appeal to those who likes flares AND those who like skinnies, as well as to those who like to wear skirts and those who prefer trousers, we think they’ve ended up combining the worst of all worlds. We also think they look a bit like the kind of garment you’d see on a cartoon super-villain, complete with little “cape” at the back. We’re not quite sure what such a villain would be called – StrangePantsWoman doesn’t quite seem to cut it – or what she’d do (other than spreading fashion crimes throughout the land, obviously), but rest assured, The Fashion Police will be on red alert looking out for her, and you probably should be too.

If, on the other hand, you feel you’d rather join her in her quest to wear two types of pants at the same time, your fee for that will be $550 and you can click here to begin.

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  • December 7, 2010


    Gyeeesh. That is simply awful. It looks like someone tried to make a skirt, but then accidentally sewed it to their legs.

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