Oh this is AWFUL. Beyond awful. …

Comment on Gwyneth Paltrow flashes her knickers in Antonio Berardi by Amy.

Oh this is AWFUL. Beyond awful.

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Five Fashion Phrases We Hate: feel free to add your own
I used to hate the “eat a sandwich” phrase and the other variations when I was very very thin. But now that I’m an average weight, it’s no less annoying, but I do understand where people are coming from. At my current weight I notice all of the comments about a celebrity “gaining weight” or “letting herself go” when really? Usually they’re MY weight. And I’m nowhere near fat at 125 pounds. And these comments come from magazines as well as people in coffee shops. Funny thing is I wasn’t aware of these comments when I wore a size 2. Lately I’ve been watching a few episodes of 90s television, and the difference between the original cast of 90210 and the current cast in weight is really appalling, as well as Eliza Dushku’s transformation from her really hot (and still thin) body from Buffy to her current weight on The Dollhouse. Anyway, all I’m saying is the coin has both sides, and commenting about weight is always uncool.

Wrinkled thighs are in fashion, apparently. Also really short legs.
As Alyssa says, this looks a bit like an early 20th century bathing costume, except a search of period photos reveals that early 20th century ladies’ swimwear was far more flattering than this awful thing.

A short rant about online shopping…
As my mother always says, if it’s not there when you go back, it wasn’t meant to be. Plus, it saves me from spending money. There have only been a few times that I’ve seen something and HAD TO HAVE IT and paid full price on the spot. Plus, if something sells out in days? That means too many other people are wearing it and I don’t want to look like everyone else. That’s not to say I don’t buy a lot of things on impulse…

Puma’s ‘Sabadella Sequin’ Slip-On: love or hate ’em?
I have this shoe in red patent leather, and I wore it this summer with skirts as a casual flat for running around town. It’s certainly not dressy enough for work, but it was good for hot weather and never gave me blisters. I’m not a fan of the sequined version, however.

Extreme heels: Charlotte Olympia’s 6″ Paloma pumps
Hate the platform, but the ruffle detail is fab! I’d kill myself in those.

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