Guest Post: Balenciaga’s Sports-Luxe gone bad


 This guest post was written by Jenny Hayden, a.k.a. The Style PA. Jenny writes…

"I am a fan of sculptural and architectural influences in fashion, especially when it comes to shoes. Balenciaga though, seem to have taken the trend and thrown it at a pair of trousers, blindly hoping for the best. I don't see £1,025.00 worth of designer clothing, I see a racing driver in a straight jacket. Sport-luxe is a difficult style to master at the best of times, but there is so much going on with this garment, I am struggling to think of anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who could carry them off.

Folds, zips, piping, a criss-cross belt and two shades of grey just confuse the senses and make them impossible to match with other items. Matches Fashion describe them as 'ultra-feminie' but I would have to disagree. So please, someone enlighten me as to how to wear these trousers because, I really am stumped? "

Author Bio:
Jenny is founder and editor of The Style PA, which includes 3 blogs offering hints, tips, tricks and trends for effortless style.


  • June 18, 2009

    David Stock

    This is really tricky. I think you’ll have to use a plain top to compensate for the design of these trousers. I suggest keep the shoes and top simple so the trousers will be the highlight of the outfit.

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  • June 19, 2009


    I saw them and said, out loud, “What?”

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