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[Guest Post] Style Challenge – formal evening wear for curvy figures

what to wear

Deepti writes:

I make $45000 a year and I want to be a Fashionista without going broke. I’m bigger than average in size (ahem, lets not discuss exactly how much bigger) but I am sick of Empire waists and Wrap dresses. I know you get what to pay for but do I really need to pay $45 for a scarf in Texas? I know my shoes are fugly but I can’t walk in anything with over a 1-inch heel without falling on my butt. I love this top and the price at Ross but its the wrong size, why the heck can’t I find this in another size here?

These are the things that cross my mind every time I shop. There are the celebrities who need to make statements with fashion, the industry folks for whom fashion is a livelihood, the retailers for whom its a business, the die-harders for whom fashion is a living thing – but what about the rest of us? The rest of us who have busy lives, tight budgets and big butts?

So keeping all those in mind, here’s my “Style Challenge” for all the Fashion Police readers. I am spending 4 days in Las Vegas for the Holidays with Friends and we’re planning a night out in formal evening wear – please keep the aforementioned curves, budget and season in mind. Happy Online-Window Shopping!

[Note from The Fashion Police: This isn’t a formal Style Challenge because as you read this, we’re actually on vacation and won’t be around to post the results. Please feel free to help out your fellow Fashion Police reader by posting your suggestions/outfit links in the comments, though!]
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