Guest Post: I Refuse to Wear Skinny Jeans


Danielle writes…

I hate skinny jeans with an unreasonable passion. When they first came out, I thought to myself, “There is absolutely no way that you will get me into a pair of those. I am having trouble breathing just looking at those pants.” I am a curvy girl. I’ve got so much junk in the trunk, it’s hard to drive the car over a speed bump for fear of jostling everything around back there.

You will never see me in a pair of skinny jeans because I look like a clown. Who declared it fashionable for curvy girls to wear skinny jeans and flats? Has anyone noticed that it makes us look like clowns? I’ve done a (I think) rather accurate portrayal above. You won’t catch me in a pair of those death traps unless I’ve got a red nose on and insist on being called “Bobo”.

Now skinny jeans on skinny girls? Fabulous. It makes me a little jealous that they can wear skinny jeans, but I think I rather like the junk in my trunk.

The next question brings us to skinny jeans on…men? Personally, I have to ask how they manage to stuff their junk into those itty bitty pants legs and then (gulp) zip it up. Does it hurt? Does it have room to.. um.. (blush) breathe? Is there a lot of rearranging necessary? Has anyone ever asked a male friend who wears skinny jeans how they cope with this?

What do you think of skinny jeans? Do you wear them? Prefer them on anyone?

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